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Keeping up the Flood of Truth

Some friends have asked me to share what I have listened to with them. Here are some.

I want to offer you the following: This is a 23 minute talk given to the EU parliament by Dr David Martin,who is given a couple of rounds of applause. It's a perspective well received there. Dr Martin is not a light weight as far as credentials.

Additionally, I came across this offering on substack this morning.

I also listened to the following interview by Seth Holehouse Man in America. It took awhile, and I even snoozed off, listening late one night and then the next. However, the most damning evidence in favor of this alternate reality in my mind is the use of the same maps by the WHO, and WEF, NATO etc. It is a mind bender.

I have been seeing all kinds of evidence of Government plans for violent chaos. Especially around the immigration/invasion, in Albany NY apparently they are putting the Gov. invited invaders into college campuses, and one has to ask, where will these people go afterwards. and here in VT this Thursday putting out onto 1000 people housed for 3 years at hotels.

Additionally, in VT the legislature banning people practicing together with firearms, naming them anti governmental militias without evidence of a crime. I have no time for corrupt courts here in VT. I should write a letter at least to the editor. This of course is to discourage people from protecting themselves from the imbedded nasty men, Iranians pretending to be Venezualans. See this clip warning.

If I had time I would add all of Dr Malone's Friday and Sunday funnies, however, you can sign up to his sub stack for free here. These are .

These are the best.

On a lighter note: This is

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