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 I am anti-slavery -I am anti-economic indenture, -I am anti sickness for profit -I am anti-taxation for government reestablishment of itself -I am anti-war on the pretense of protecting the peace.  -I am anti-economic supremacism by any elite.- I am pro-natural farming- I am pro-peaceful people of all colors and creeds- I am pro-protection of peace- I am pro-homes for life- I am pro-creativity-I am pro-resourcefullness- I am anti-surveillance and anti-spying-I am anti secrets - I am anti enslavement by black children for Electrical Vehicles.- I am anti patent protection by Gov on behalf of behemoth corporations to continue indenture to utilities.- I am anti bribe and anti blackmail.- I am anti-hatred and pro individual opinion- I am anti-media manipulation- I am pro-prosperity, anti-profiteering.- I am anti greed, anti hatred, anti censorship, and anti violence, I am pro peace protection and anti law fare by the lawless, I am pro natural law and anti corporate law, I am pro-life of our planet and our people, and anti-economic oppression of women or anyone else. I am pro choice, anti-infanticide and pro privacy, I am pro-people as the source of governance- I AM here to encourage and inspire a better plan for our future and the  generations to come. 

Emily Peyton is the name granted to me at birth, I am granted by Source God a caucasian woman's body. I am thankful for both and the journey of spirit I have taken with them.   

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