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Its very simple


OUr issues are very very simple. OUr goals need to be much more simple.

The truth is that we all, every living being on Earth has 4 goals in common, Humans have 5. Thus humanity has 5 solutions to achieve them. The 5th goal has been co-opted by a few, and has led to ruin of the other 4. Here are our goals: They are 5.. 5 Goals of humanity Clean Water: All of our water on Earth needs to be cleansed and restored to clean, clear and crystal pure. Every living being depends needs and wants the highest quality of water to drink. Clean Air:

ALL of our air needs to be clean, pure and free of pollutants a wholesome balance of oxygen and C02. Life on earth depends on good air. Everyone wants it. Clean True Food:

Health and life itself on Earth depends and needs food that is raised in Nature's arms, and not by whipping her back. so to speak. Truly natural and whole seed food on clean soil with humane practices and yes, REAL LOVE, is the real backbone of medicine. Every one, animals bugs, birds and humans want our food to become real and whole and unadulterated. Safe Home:

Every living thing wants and needs a safe home, and humans can and should each have a safe home. Is entirely doable. Freedom to Prosper:

Every human person needs to be able to live with dignity and honor simply by the magic of their existence which no human can claim. to have invented, commerce being the lifeblood of humanities communion, we need and can have a method of commerce involving a symbol of value that is circulated WITHOUT INDENTURE to DEBT which in turn will end the harm of accumulation of money as a weapon of personal power over others. We solve for the last and the rest will be achieved naturally.

IF WE STICK TO THESE 5 GOALS without distraction, PEACE shall prevail. HEALTH. shall return, and NATURE shall be restored.

Here are the 5 solutions to reach the 5 goals. 5 Solutions for Humanity Justice:

Fountain of Justice Solve for the best outcome for each and the good of all, rather than solve merely for punishment, revenge or deterrent. FOJ Governance:

Public makes proposals, ranks proposals, and elects leadership to enact best proposals. PEG Learning:

Assess expertise in a public valuation manner, and allow for, support and encourage individual all life learning paths. ALL Frequency:

All things are frequency, higher or lower. God, Source, multidimensionality and personal experience is all frequency, human ability to name the quality of all particular frequencies and managing the power of attunement to specific frequency is needed and achievable. Currency:

The public/humanity must be in charge of the terms of the currency/money they/we use for the commerce that creates the economy they/we wish to experience. Altogether these are the 10 elements of Honor. KISS 10 elements of Honor 5 Goals & 5 Solutions Focus. On. What. We. Want. So. We. Shall. Have.

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