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Fear Not, We the People:  an act to end deliberate fear mongering for the purpose of behavioral modification by sinister private/public partnerships. 

Vermonters' Right to Purpose: an act to offer livelihood training on land for life long living.

Vermonters Right to Effective Government: a bill to put We, the People in charge of the bureaucracy we want, doing what we need.


Vermonters' Right to Equal Exposure: a bill to remove money as a factor in political races.


Vermonters Right to A Voice:  a bill/resolution to establish an initially nonbinding online vote tally for or against a bill by the people of Vermont, after the second reading before the third reading occurs.


Vermonters' Right to Collaborate: a bill/resolution to engage all elected persons in weekly online collaborative sessions with the People of Vermont.  

 Know Our Migrants bill:  vet migrant arrivals and set expectations for migrants.Election Repair Bill, removing insecure practices for confidence by all.

End Vermont Infanticide Bill: prohibit abortion of living and viable infants 5 months and older.

A Vermont Democratic Republic: educate Vermonters how Government has been changed since 1871 into corporate entities thereby controlling, not representing We, the People.

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