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The Governorship of Emily Peyton

As Governor, I would not mandate vaccines.  I would expose vaccine harms that have not yet been made public. It would be your personal choice to take the vaccine or not.  If you wish to risk your health or your children’s, I can’t stop you, but I certainly want to protect you from thinking they have your best interest at heart.  I want you to be smart and learn how to protect yourself from the forces of malefic profit.  The profitable solution is delivered by those who have wrapped us up in so many rules, regulations, taxes, fees, debts, interest, constraints and statutes, that your precious lives are spent in compliance with nonsense, never stretching into the real excitement of your dreams and potential.  

I stand for your potential and I ask you to step up for yourself and others. I speak truth to you now and I pray that you will hear me.


Emily Peyton 

August 20, 2020

Truth matters wave draft 1.png
Truth matters wave draft 1.png
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