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Campaign Support

Weekly group zoom call for candidates.      
  • designing mutual support methods, ideas, strategy, crafting your message, sticking to your message, practice statements. 
Extra services:
  • Letters  
  • 1-2 minute video
  • Interviews
  • Personal attention sessions,
  • day long, overnight sessions. 
  • Help with statements,
  • campaign materials, outreach and FB pages

   Payment flexibility offered.


"Emily is sheer encouragement.  As a new candidate, her help to get me organized for my campaign has already proven to be instrumental. With her support, I am looking forward to competing in the race." 

-Kathi Tarrant


  • Support for your legal issue

  • Education, and empowerment

  • Research


Hire me to unleash my visionary power to expand your life, business or plan.



"When you engage Emily as a creative consultant you are working with a brilliant and facile thinker, a loving humanitarian and artistic genius."-anon

  "Emily Peyton is a joy to work with. She is committed, dedicated and will go the extra mile for you until your goals are met. 

   She has been invaluable in helping me create my Public Speaking business campaign. Thank you Emily!"-Rhonda Freed, Burlington Vt


I am a certified hypnotherapist and can align your inner reality to match your desires.

Specializing in connecting with Source creativity for personal spiritual journey sessions.

Sessions in person, zoom or by phone.
Hempcrete design and
material consultation
and sales


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