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We are seeking  . . . those who are ready to claim their Freedom, who want to be trusted and trusting, who want to trust the Earth and each other in deeper, more peaceful ways. 


We are seeking . . . those who are able to discern the corporate agenda, particularly in the sphere of medicine.  We want everyone who is ready for transformation, who yearns for the sanity of common sense, and the riddance of politics-as-usual.  


We seek those who want to experience an abundance of kindness, greater wellbeing and expanded creativity.   

We want YOU if  . . . you are ready to end all practices of labeling others to, instead, see one another as human like yourself—human beyond dividing ideas of left, right, liberal or conservative. 


We seek those who are ready to repair the fabric of humanity by unifying our desire for freedom and the economic stability of natural abundance and growth.  


We seek those who wish to outgrow the old system of authoritarian rule. We seek those with courage, and faith in our goodness. 


We seek those who no longer wish to do the wrong thing for money, but instead want to do the best we know how.


We seek those who want to transform with others and are ready to dump the mess of injustice wherever it exists.  


We seek those who are not fooled or hypnotized by Mainstream Media and are not manipulated by the fear they continuously peddle.   

If this describes you, we want you to be a member of The Transformation.  If you feel called, we want you to be a member of our Local and Grand Council of Wise Ones.  We want you to form Neighborhood Councils and we are here to help you get started.  We want you to learn about the People’s Assemblies and Jural Assemblies, which comprise our method of sovereign governance.  If you feel called to provide protection through The Transformation, we want you to prepare with our protectors. 

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