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The People’s Oath 

I am a person and a representative of Intelligent Consciousness.  Today I stop using dehumanizing labels such as: Taxpayer, Consumer, Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Progressive, Green, Libertarian, White, Black, and so forth.  I call us all People.


I give my word of honor to love others to the fullest of my capacity, to empathize with beings of nature, to be honorable, loyal, dedicated, honest, persistent, strong, kind, protective, inspirational, and supportive of the freedom in those I meet and know, and to support their wellbeing and creativity.


I pledge to conduct myself peacefully while protecting my freedom and the freedom of others and to never step beyond protectiveness into aggression. I will use only such force as is needed to stop violence against me or those I protect. I will protect the freedom of all people.

I pledge to remove all forms of toxins, whether they be material pollutants or toxic forms of thinking. 


I pledge my heart and soul to a new way of sovereign, collective life, which includes my responsibility to the generations yet to come and the sentient beings different than my human self and to honor as well the elements of the Earth, such as water, as pure, living Conscious Potential.  


In my life I will expand these ideas and intentionally devote myself to the better world we are here to transform towards.  I accept that this better world already exists in my heart, my hopes and my dreams. I accept that it exists in millions and billions of people’s hearts, hopes and dreams, and I will become of one heart with them to see our transformation through. 

I recognize that I am as everyone else, and yet I am also unique, as each one of us are.  I take pleasure in others’ uniqueness and in my own. 

I recognize that there are those who walk amongst us who are less capable or incapable of empathy and that these people will be evident by their actions. I will be on the lookout to protect us from their sickness as products of a formerly sick society that we did not choose or consciously create.  I pledge to protect our transformation by disempowering those with ruthless ill intent toward others.  I refuse the power of bullies. In this way I live my role in the delightful rise of creative, loving, humans. People who enact peacefulness with full, conscious acceptance of their responsibility. 


I accept that the Law of Love will always lead to justice and excellence; I embrace the question I ask to abide by it: What is the most loving thing I can do here and now? 


All this I pledge, thus I am now of one heart with our Great Transformation.

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