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Speaking about Public banks at as a candidate 2014 for Governor of VT. (Governor Shumlin to the
right- notice his expression lol)
Signature Speech; Success for the planet and for the person.
Additional Topics: 
Industrial Hemp; history, uses, state of use, specifically for building houses that sequester carbon.
Law for Peace;  How We, the People, may use a simpler system for a more just outcome. 
Economic Harmony; An enterprise to offer the approach to the responsibilities of Freedom for We, the People.
Leaving Violence Behind;  Grow whole beyond rapes.
How to prevent it in the first place.
Education and Passion;  How to follow passion and why a new approach to learning is imperative. 
Unchurched Faith;  How miraculousness follows investigation of Living Source Wisdom.  
Discarding the label;  A discussion of the field of psychiatry, our current society's state of woundedness, and my personal journey as a young adult to present. 
Healthcare absent profiteering;  All we have missed out on with the most expensive healthcare system on the planet. 
Why getting 
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Speaking Feess F

My fee is as follows:

My fee is 10 k for your in-person event, with travel expenses covered. 

1 k per podcast talk.


I will do pro bono talks on two topics for interested audiences (with travel fully covered):

Leaving Violence Behind


Discarding the Label

Submit a proposal to engage me here:

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