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See a world of healthy, creative and strong people.  See this in our heart.
             Here is the Design needed for Freedom as God intends.

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American flag waving
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All Life Learning
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A.L.L. All Life Learning  


  1. ALL all life learning is a our understanding that learning begins at birth and continues to the moment of death. All life Learning empowers independence and passion, unlike our present educational system that insists on conformity and hyper focuses on early age education.

  2. In our society designed for freedom, we unilaterally support and encourage the joy of learning at all stages of life. 

  3. In our present day society, universities creates silos of thinking where credentials assume expertise and experience. ALL employs a simple publicly generated rating system that recognizes expertise and experience rather than letters after your name. Much like seller ratings and testimonials of eBay/Amazon.

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Money as Passion
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MAP Money Allows Passion


1) Humanity and our planet need healing. We need to design our economy to do it.  Understand, the economy is directed by the monetary system.  In our current system, wealth is extracted from the efforts of the many and sent to the few.  Even though our founding fathers wanted a just money system, corruption has overtaken it. 


2: MAP is a complete monetary system. It allows for prosperity and profit, yet prevents its use as authority over others. Map is a completely transformed monetary system based on beneficial interactions for the good of all.


3. How do we do this?  The design of freedom starts with a legal shield against government interference. It is a private contracting agreement. Members contract with each other using MAP currency. 


4. How does it work:  Thru MAP we encourage capitalism minus corporatism. Using AVG (all voice governance), we issue MAP in digital and hard cash, in the amounts needed to spur growth for individual and group purposes. This currency is directly issued, without interest or tax.

All Voice Governance
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All Vision Governance


1) All vision governance is just that. AVG makes the will of the people the rule of the land. We  allow all voices to contribute to our collective future. AVG eliminates standing bureaucracy. 


2. How? Every person can upload a proposal for the consideration of all. Together the collective prioritizes the most important ideas. The collective decides the wisest path for society.


3. Proposals are presented for any arena of governance. The collective decides which proposals are most beneficial to the whole.  In a second step, the collective selects experts to execute their chosen proposals. During this process they award a budget, and designate a timeline to complete it. 

All Voice Governance

Time is Art
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TIA  Time Is Art

1).   In practice, our freedom will be greatly enhanced when we restore a 13 moon natural calendar.

       This will allow us to be in sync with nature, and with our Source Living Ethers. One of the six

        cornerstones of Freedom to conceptualize Time multi-dimensionally. 


2)    How we use our time is our expression  of our creation. Time has rhythms. We

       toss the concept that time is money, and instead accept Time is art.


3).   It is the quality of our time that matters. In the wake of issuing MAP currency, 

       productivity of humanity moves to wholesome endeavors. Repair and 

       healing of each other naturally Involves healing of our environment.


Time As Art

Being Of Nature
Picnic in Nature
Being Of Nature




1. A huge weight will drop from humanities shoulder by embracing the perspective of non domination of Nature, instead holding the concept of being OF Nature.


2.This important cornerstone of freedom, this understanding of our place within Nature encourages us to work with the natural world.  As a Being of Nature, we care for the natural world. As a being of nature we take on protection of nature with more vigor and passion. 


3. Recognizing ourselves as Beings of Nature, allows us to look to nature for answers. Ending our domination attitude generates a synthesis of humanity and nature beneficial to both.

Law Of Love
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 L.O.L. Law of Love


  1. The Collective recognizes that Justice is manifested by asking a singular question: " What is the most loving outcome for all? It can equally be voiced: "What is the most beneficial outcome for all?"  Answering this singular question becomes complicated when participants to a crime or malice need help to work things out. However, all the myriad of laws, statutes, torts and even attorneys themselves can be set aside for the answer to this singular question..

  2. Combining Indigenous and Common Law principles gives us creative circles to administer justice. All it takes is an accusation to initiate one. There are three consecutively larger circles. All matters start with the First Circle of 3-7 members.  If any of the participants to the accusation reject the First or the 13 member Great Circle's solution in answer to the singular question, the matter proceeds to the third circle.

  3. The Grand Circle, with its 25 members, similar to a grand jury, looks carefully at all the testimony and evidence submitted during the previous two circles. It asks its own questions. It speaks to the witnesses it needs to. It develops a custom tailor made solution for a just outcome to the accusation, all by asking the question, "What is the most loving outcome for all involved?". The solution the Grand Circle generates the final remedy.

  4. There are no appeals. There is no need for lawyers, laws, statues, fines or the like (LOL). The Circles have the capacity to call for money circulated to serve the outcome they design. 

Place every ounce of your faith in free people's desire to serve the good of all.

Trust Freedom.


The chains we step away from may feel comfortable, so long have they worn against us. It will take time for the majority of us to develop the faith that each individual doing what they best wish to do, enacting their highest passion, will produce outstanding results for ourselves as individuals.  Our needs will be met. Our need for happiness will be met over and over.

Importantly, we have gone through an age of enslavement from which we've learned what we do not want. We see what has not worked. It's a helpful contrast.

Free Men and Women are not forced. They are free.

Free Women and Men are not helpless. They are strong.

Free Men and Women are not powerless.They are empowered.

Free Women and Men are not crazy.They are sane.

Free Men and Women are not violent.They are peaceful.

Free Women and Men are not stupid. They are wise.

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