A Design of the Free Future

Trust Freedom.
Place every ounce of your faith in free people's desire to serve the good of all.

The chains we step away from may feel comfortable, so long have they worn against us. It will take time for the majority of us to develop the faith that each individual doing what they best wish to do, enacting their highest passion, will produce outstanding results for ourselves as individuals.  Our needs will be met. Our need for happiness will be met over and over.

Importantly, we have gone through an age of enslavement from which we've learned what we do not want. We see what has not worked. It's a helpful contrast.

Free people are not forced.

Free people are not helpless.

Free people are not powerless.

Free people are not crazy.

Free people are not violent.

Free people are not stupid.

Free people are free.

Free people are helpful.

Free people are powerful.

Free people are sane.

Free people are peace filled.

Free people are wisdom seekers.

Free people are here to help. 

If individuals collectively established our economy based on supporting the highest passion of each, would the toilets get cleaned? Would the roads get paved? Do we have to have wage slaves for an economy?