The Road to FREEDOM
starts with unfication and communication

Start your own 
People's Assemblies
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A People's Assembly is a group of like-minded friends and colleagues (not necessarily neighbors) that feel comfortable together to take on various tasks, jobs or positions as a group for the purpose of unifying our Vermont voices to stand up for Freedom.

Chart for People's Assembly copy.png


Print a copy and fill it with your group members, sharing a copy with each.  Plan a meeting to strategize and share knowledge.

Start your own 
Neighborhood Councils
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A Neighborhood Council is the organization of your nearest neighbors. Neighborhood Councils share a phone tree and a skill chart for the purpose of supporting one another in a myriad of situations.

Neighborhood Council Chart.png


Print a copy and take it in hand to your neighbors--contact them in person or by phone. Ask them if they will join the Neighborhood Council to stay connected by sharing a phone number, resources and skills.  Explain that the skill chart and tree can be useful in emergencies and for general help to one another. When it is filled, return a copy to each participating neighbor.

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