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Dynamic Governance relies on People’s Assemblies to come together in shared interest over specific issues.  They are fed by Neighborhood Councils, made up of 10 - 20 households per two (2) assembly representatives.  

Neighborhood Councils support the needs and interconnectedness of communities through skill sharing, phone trees and more, offering support during emergencies, as well as a clear voice in the People’s Assemblies.




“A strong group identity does not come about by homogenizing individuals.  A powerful and effective group originates when each individual is strengthened in his/her individuality and differences.  If each individual were to follow his or her highest joy and purpose, the pieces of the group puzzle would fit together perfectly, without coming into conflict.  Only by not being oneself does s/he not fit the group.  The artificial dichotomy of “left wing” and “right wing” politics takes place on a level where this is not understood.”

- Frederick E. Dodson -
Parallel Universes of Self

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