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We are not alone.

A movement to transform how we take care of each other (since the current political system is not), is taking place across the nation and the world. People are meeting to help us return to Natural Law, the Law of Love. Thousands of people across the country are showing us how to use Dynamic Governance to include all voices.  They are showing us how to collaborate for the peace and justice in our hearts.  We are learning together how to refer to our neighbors as people like ourselves and how to let go of labels of division that have been sown to keep our country at war with itself. 


Please learn!


Take the time to protect yourself by standing together.  Those who run the country and the world have been taken over by greed, putting corporate interests far above the health and needs of the people.  They have risen to power, step by step, without our full awareness of what has taken place and are now taking immoral actions without remorse. I am here to offer my wisdom, experience and protection to you and your families.  


We can work together for a new standard of freedom and wellbeing, of creativity and wholesome community.  We also must thwart the dark agenda. 

Holding out for a vaccine?

Phil Scott recently announced a continuation of the state of emergency, and when asked how long will it go on, he answered,  “Until a vaccine comes along.”

The state of Emergency has long gone by, and as we have seen before, there is a special relationship between politicians and corporate entities.  In this case, Big Pharma stands to reap unimaginable profits from these vaccines.  


No Liability

These companies are immune to legal liability.  This should concern you and should also tell you that any impression that vaccines are safe is due to the immunity of the vaccine makers from lawsuits. The public only learns about companies behaving against the public good when the press reports on the class action lawsuits.  When there are no lawsuits allowed, the industry can appear to be innocent when in fact it is causing great harm. No one can hold them to account.  This same immunity has been extended to every COVID vaccine maker.


Big Pharma


Government Corruption

Please do not allow Big Pharma to take over our lives. In a recent article by CNN News, concerns were brought forth that 40% of Americans do not trust the new vaccines that are being fast tracked.  Nor should they!  The vaccines in development will be delivered in a hydrogel which contains a nanotech to mark you with a positive, scannable imprint so you may travel.  But wait a minute?  Are we the chattel of our Governments or do they work for us?  Things have gotten a bit turned around, haven’t they?  The new vaccines also contain patented RNA, which, when injected, will modify your DNA so that the owner of the patent can claim ownership of the host.


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