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I have invested in most of these books. If you live in Putney VT, I will loan one at a time to you, if I can drop it off for you at your address. 

As I read I place colored paper clips, long end pointing to passages that speak so well to the truths that are being suppressed.

Some are laden with clips, Pam Popper's Covid Operation for example.

I know many people who will not take the time to find out. People who even oppose the plandemic, yet, who simply will not raise their voice or eyes or actions to stand up for freedom. Many of them put on masks to go along to get along. 

Oh, dear, if you are still thinking masks work, read the studies. Do not listen to legacy news saying "the studies show", for they will absolutely fabricate facts for obedience. Read the studies themselves. 


This Fauci, Expect the Unexpected

book I will likely not buy, however, I included it because the photo was so telling, as he muzzles his face, fists up in fighting mode, and the title calls him a man of truth? 

Also, how perfect, expect the unexpected, yes, a criminal of the lowest degree. 

The truth about Covid Mercola.jpg
the real anthony fauci.jpg
faucian bargain.jpg
covid operation popper.jpg
pandemic blunder.jpg
the premonition.jpg
Charade NY covid.jpg
excerpt from charade.jpg
perceptions of a renegade minds Ike .jpg
fauci expect the unexpected.jpg
A plague Upon our House Atlas.jpg
Excerpt for Scott Atlas Book.jpg
What reall makes you sick Lester_Parker.jpg
The Answer, David Icke.jpg
Plague of corruption Mikovits.jpg
Mikovits Truth about masks.jpg
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