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Phase one:
Curate All Voice Input to form


Making proposals, proposing amendments, and voting the results up or down goes on from the moment after election to a month prior to the next selection cycle.  

At a designated point such as a month prior to the selection of priorities the voting, amending and making of proposals ends. The top upvoted results are dispersed to everyone, published to papers, sent to homes, put on social media.   

ballot box voting

Ballots are counted and tabulated with everyone who wishes watching and corroborating.

Results are published.

Crowd of People

Ballots are prepared. Paper ballots only. There are no names to elect on the ballot, only the titles of the proposals. All top proposals will be available to peruse at the voting location. 

Morning Newspaper
Job Interview
Day School Teacher
Man in Nature
Happy Woman
Male Portrait
Yellow Dress

Selection of leaders to carry out the winning AVG proposals. 

Interested leaders put their profiles, names, a video introduction up to carry out leadership of a particular proposal. 


The potential candidates answer questions on video. Their answers are published similarly.  If there are numerous, up votes designate the top candidates of interest.  

Leaders and the size of their budget is designated by all voices, and a designated length of time to complete their mission.

They will be answerable and removable by the people if needed. No one will be a politician paid for life. Once the mission is complete the policy proposal filled, the Leader is released from obligation. 

Leaders per policy proposal are elected.

On site Paper ballots used, no machines allowed, counted in the presence of all. 

Day School Teacher
Man in Nature
Happy Woman
Male Portrait
Yellow Dress
Photos link to video +
candidates' qualities. 
Select Leader for proposals: 
Ex: Tripling Small Organic
Farms and Gardens everywhere. 
select budget for
policy here 
select time frame 
for outcome here 
Job Interview
Select leader here
Yellow Dress

The winner selects her team, potentially using the other candidates too, and is available to the people who selected her. The Leader posts their progress, and makes appeals if needed. 

This is the layout of replacing bureaucracy and the permanent political class with real leadership to get things done according to the will of all voices. 

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