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Shepherds O' Freedom 


A Private Contracting Membership Association
Coming soon:
ability to join this private membership association. 


 Marketplace where Shepherds O Freedom do commerce. 

Ahead: The Business of Freedom:  offering/exchanging goods and services of organic food, fuel, whole health, and real homes to all our people. 

The Shepherds O’ Freedom are people who come together privately, beyond the realm of corporate governmental dictates to set a right the wrongs that have been perpetrated by corporatism.  Here we join in our own agreement to trade and exchange goods of OUR liking. We will conduct our activities in peace and harmony, allowing each the freedom to offer and choose to exchange goods without onerous involvement, oversight, or hindrance of external agencies that we do not condone, or wish to support.


Within our created Freedom realm, we are able to expand into freedoms that help humanity heal.  We can support the very small levels of commerce, the micro commerce that is the stuff of everyday life. When we wish, we can effect the introduction of means of exchange to those in our realm who need help standing up into commerce.


As a Shepherd of Freedom, we watch over God’s flock, and protect those we can from the harm and danger of corporatism, that soulless desire for power.  We agree to end all need for liability insurance against each other, so that our actions are not in fear of litigation. We do hold one another accountable for the products and services we offer, and we use the LAW of LOVE methodology to sort out differences.  Please be aware of this method of solving conflict. 


Essentially, without the smaller details, 3 circles of increasing size are convened to ask the singular question “ What is the most loving outcome for all involved? “ , if the matter is not resolved at the smallest circle it moves to the next, and at the end of the largest, the largest circle determines the proper remedy according to the answer of that principle question: “What is the most loving outcome for all involved?” and the matter is dealt with as they dictate, without further delay or invention.     

We do not need or want lawyers, or the laws they write that in places are incomprehensible, and unwieldy.   There is only one law, and that is the law of Love: to love others as you would like to be loved. 

To inform and allow the excellent to shine, we use rating methods and testimonials, in ways we are already familiar with, like the ebay, amazon, or etsy ratings of products and services.  This way,  Shepherds may do commerce with other Shepherds in greater awareness. 

Our agreement is to do all the activities, commerce and productivity needed for the good of all, and Nature. To use our resources and our understanding of Freedom to reach ahead to its full destiny.  To make a living path independent of the hollow virtues of sheer commercialism,  profiteering and usury.  We shall recognize and treasure our leaders and wise ones of all walks, and be mindful of their quality of leadership, that it be provided without intimidation, threat or coercion. We honor each of us as co creators of reality, and take it upon ourselves to aid those who are still caught in a paradigm of victim/perpetrator/rescue to promote the strength of our manifesting abilities for personal happiness.  

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