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The Full Story

Evidence of my various efforts that I know should go in a blag, or rather BLOG. 

December 21 2021 email to Putney Town select board and other influential peeps.

Dear Bee Caring members of Putney, 


I have been warning for years to prevent the 5G cell towers. I have peronally paid for ads to call this to your attention.  B Balint was uninterested, as was the committee she was in headed by Anne Cummings in the testimony that numbers of well prepared people offered to describe the unparalleled harms ahead from this (5th generation) 5G system using a 60 Gigahertz wavelength that activates the oxygen molecule maximally, just like water in microwave at lower gigs. The excited oxygen molecule hinders the body's ability to utilize oxygen. 5G is not a step up from 4G, it is a leap of enormous consequence.  One can begin at to learn more.  Cleverly, the industry hid their designs to remove their implementation of these deadly waves in the 'make-ready-pole' attachment language that Becca directly allowed despite voluminous evidence offered in the committee. 


The industry has developed protective language through their ownership of politicians, such that localities are supposedly not allowed to look after the safety or health of their people, just like the nuclear industry is protected, and the vaccine industry protected from liability. This is both treasonous and lawless. It leaves the republic form of governance aside. My point being, is that our local government is going to need to grow a pair and stand up to halt destruction of life itself. If they(you) cannot believe that the industry would indeed kill life on earth, since the humans die after the wildlife and the bees from this stuff,  then you have not been paying close enough attention to the global cult elite and their designs. 


While we have thankfully focused on Fiber to premises, the presence of 5g cell towers has also appeared in VT. Not surprisingly, wherever they are, respiratory illnesses and deaths are higher. 


Lead in. Lead on. Lead away from death towards life.




To protect the goodness of humanity and the beautiousness and awe of Nature. 

My Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Earth                                          Upon whom all life depends.                           And to the Beings with Whom we share Her.  

One Earth, of the Universe, 

       Beauteous beyond comprehension. ep 2013

My Goal

All Voice Governance and my Design for our Free Future

Photos of my efforts to reach you as a candidate (always without desire to rule over you).

screen shots of images when you google search Emily Peyton
screen shot of lower google search for EMILY PEYTON.jpg
screen shot of google search for Emily Peyton.jpg
My personal favorite, look at his expression.
VPR photo leather jacket.jpg

in my purple pleather jacket, to protect me from the pleople and veeple R who speakle not truthful nooze. 

VPR photo 2012?

Letter in True North News Dec 20, 2021

Letter: Vaccine passports a direct route to enslavement

TNR / 5 hours ago 

Editor’s note: This letter is by Emily Peyton, of Putney.

Does Vermont want to be one of the first states to restore slavery after it was the first region to prohibit it since July 2, 1777? Creating a vaccine passport is a direct route to enslavement. Here’s why.

The passport will begin as a “public safety” tool, but it will rapidly move to be a public control tool. The passports are digital, if adopted. A phone will be needed to show the digital ID. The government/corporate entities will be in charge then of where you go and, at first, indirectly, what you buy. They will surveil you wherever you are, and if the dollar fails, and a Universal Basic Income is delivered, that will be delivered with the digital passport. Facebook and Twitter, as a partner to government, can make profiles of socially acceptable comments and behaviors, and these are then linked to the user of the digital monies and the digital passport. If the government decides you are being too critical of its latest policy, as Facebook or Metaverse informs them, your passport will suddenly have limitations, or in the case of the digital Universal Basic Income, you will be financially penalized for speaking critically. The passports will be used to assign social standing, along with medical standing. If your phone tells you to proceed to the nearest station to get another injection, and thereafter you may enjoy your income to shop with or enter facilities, you will not have the option to choose. This will progress rapidly.

I know people are scared of Covid, and scared of those who are not willing to take the experimental injection, and they want to be safe from Covid. Take care to be safe from enslavement. You can get the vaccines, and if they are effective you will be protected. Being free to come and go is essential to humanity. When your every move is spied on, surveilled and limited from afar via a digital passport, you have surrendered your freedom and are controlled by some distant entity whom you can never face.

The passports are a transition from rights understood to be given by the Almighty to all human beings: the right to bodily autonomy, to assemble, to speak, to property, to be free of search and seizure, to have freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, to take care of your health as you know best, and on and on. All these God-guaranteed rights, with the use of the passport, become privileges granted by our government/corporate alliance, where the leaders of government are allowed their authority by the elite.

Ask yourself these questions: Is public safety rapidly becoming public enslavement by virtue of Covid? Why did generations of young soldiers die for our freedoms, if not to protect our God-given rights of humanity? Would you be honoring their sacrifices to meekly accept these proposed digital Covid passports? Will you be happy if they are implemented? Who do you want to answer to, God or someone else?

Emily Peyton
Putney, Vermont

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