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This plan involves you! 

I am running for Governor with a plan to enact Article 7 of our Vermont Constitution.  I am here to transform our methods so that the wisdom of the people can lead the show.  From our common wisdom, we will take responsibility for the generations to come. When our numbers are great enough we have the legal wherewithal and indefeasible right to deplatform all elements of government that is not sufficiently serving Vermont's Humanity.

Check back to this website post election to see what is going on. The umbrella website will be 802freedom.com and V4vermont.net

I offer myself as steward of the individual, collective and economic freedoms of all Vermonters by way of the fluid and well-developed principles of Dynamic Governance.  I plan to lead us to our rightful status of full sovereignty over our bodies, our environment and our communities and to position Vermont as a model of collective integrity.


This is a manufactured emergency  designed to create mass hysteria, destroy community spirit, and to coerce citizens to ignore their unalienable freedoms. 

Philip B Scott and those in his administration have violated their oath to uphold the the Constitution of Vermont. You can find the charges here.

Look carefully below at the following patent, this is the patent the Gates foundation filed this year for a human bar code to manage an internal cryptocurrency.  Gates wants to vaccinate the entire world, with a bar code embedded in the nanotechnology within the vaccines that link every person to the cloud.  This is not a theory. This is just the beginning of the Tech/Political/Pharma coup against human freedoms.  If we are the land of the brave and the free, yet there are an awful lot of Vermonters who act like those freedoms don't matter. This makes us easy pickings for countries with malintent towards us. 





















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UPCOMING Freedom Events

 Burlington Court House
10.26.2020 9-1 Before the Democracy puzzle
private party