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Please respect the fact
that the work is in progress,
I am sharing it as it evolves,
and if it needs your help, your input, your direction Please use
my gmail or proton mail for that, or text me for a call.
Time is of the essence.

EweGrow Enterprise 
Constellation  emerges from combined wisdom and our perfect desire for Peace, and will reflect that perfection as we enact it. 

EweGrow Enterprise Constellation, 
its inspiration and implementation comes from an intergalactic and planet wide yearning for peace, prosperity, harmony and health.
Citrus Fruits

To the EweGrow Plan.

 Use the button below to read the plan where it is today, in its current state. It is growing daily. 

Intro Video:

Contact the old fashioned way:
Write to EweGrow,
c/o Emily Peyton,
PO Box 821,
Putney VT 05346
or call me 802 579 5524,
best to text/send a card/ema since I can't keep up with voicemail.

        All Americans must, 
to avert planetary destruction, reject the common American divisions
by political ideology, wealth or educative       status,race, religion or orientation. 


After decades of populist and environmental activism, I have discovered Americans
cannot comply their way
to peace, prosperity, environmental 
repair and health. 

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