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The principle thrust of my candidacy and leadership is simple. Work with Nature. Vermont has the potential of being food sufficient and food abundant. Not just any food, but the highest quality of food in the Northeast.Laws, taxes and money, these are all man made things, and yet, Nature and God are much more simple. More beautiful and in fact, wiser.  


We have enough room to home everyone on Earth, in Nature! Government needs to get out of the way, and in fact promote the healing that people can get and give with Nature. ​We need to be food sufficient and abundant here in Vermont, and expand the farming sector to meet our capacity.  


Today's technology and ancient farming wisdom allows for dense production, humane production and cleaner, better, more wholesome food than any other. ​When we configure our farms for healing the land and the people, funding them to home the house-less, and provide a lasting path to land security, increasing skills to generate teamwork for food security, independence and spiritual health, Vermonters win. Love wins.

So if you want to elect me, this is the work I will attend to:

Creating a Vermont Farmstead Act

Introducing Right to Food Constitutional Amendment

Protection from Geoengineering and Wifi Radiation Act

Exposure of child trafficking in Vermont Act

Parental Right to education funds for alternative education.  

Right to prosper, right to deny war, and planetary destruction: a taxpayer rights initiative. 

Absolutely Fair elections Act.

And of course: The Enough $ Act.

When Government can print money, why do we have taxes?


Have we done the best we can to allow enough means of exchange so that no Vermonter experiences a scarcity of money for the work he/she wants to do?

Do we have so many taxes that our working people are indentured?

Are our taxes being put to the test, are they relieving what they are intended to?

Have crises DECREASED because of them?

Vermont has a problem, a hatred problem, an intolerance problem, and a censorship problem. What can we do about it?

Hate is a lack of listening. A fear of finding out our similarities.

Listen: Amber Rose

and do listen:

Why am I crying at the RNC?

I am a christian spirit, having a physical experience. I am unchurched and yet, Nature is my church. What is wrong with brotherly love and respect for the magnificence of the higher wisdom that created Nature?

What is right with questioning the motives of corporate profiteering and its manipulation of politics and media?

Tolerance, and yet unwavering insistence on morality, honesty, and truth is the Christian way. It's my way.  I will not stand for deception

by government on behalf of corporate behemoths


The truth is that women have yet to be honored for their nurturing service, in equal measure as men are honored for their protective service.

The truth is our population rate is not replacing itself. 

The truth is we can live in harmony with our planet, but we can't do it with profiteering. 

What is prosperism? Is that a more harmonious way to do commerce?

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