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Dramatic Flowers

1,000 new farmsteads for Vermont. 
                  1,000,000 for our Country.                    
Organic.  Regenerative. Permanent.  Humane.
Belonging to We, the People.

I work in an entrepreneurial setting to achieve this goal and in a political setting to create law to support this goal. 

These farms will solve for health, 

climate change, occupation security, land and life security, supporting parenting and better aging,  environmental repair, economic stability,  reduce addiction and enhance societal peace, prosperity  and tranquility.

The unifying efforts to create them will dissolve political animosity, and will help people help one another, restoring respect and interest in our variety of viewpoints, and more importantly, our variety of forms of creative response to our crisis. 

Adopt in Vermont
  1. Right to Food Constitutional Amendment passed by Maine in 2017
  2. Pass in Vermont, Ban on Skyway Aerosol Spraying, or weather tampering, as passed in Tennessee.
  3. Develop My Body My Choice legislation and constitutional language, protecting the inhabitants' right to bodily autonomy and self ownership. 
  4. Develop Organic Farmstead Act to create a path for land is home, security and trade training  of young adults by older generations. 
I am dedicated to my Agenda for Living Earth, I dedicate my passion to everyone who shares a love of nature, and of the golden rule.  I will persist with all my life energy, guided by my mistakes and failures, and informed by facts, and observation. I will respect you for your earnestness to create results for the good of humanity and nature, no matter your party, and I will out you to the People if you stand against the Agenda for a Living Earth. 

Anyone who stands against it is advocating for an Agenda for the Few. 

What you may see in this climate of dirty politics:
They will say that 'experts' know better, and imply the people are stupid.
They may label candidates to avoid focusing on the work we need to do and the topics that matter (using colored comments like
  "perennial candidate" instead of persistent and determined candidate, "conspiracy theorist" to avoid talking about the actual outcomes that we all are experiencing, "racist or white privileged" regardless of the truth, in effect employ any slur possible,  to try to focus voters attention away from existing poor outcomes. 

We need results that matter to Nature and to We, the People.  To get results, a fresh approach and fresh passion is called for. We can't fix problems using the people and the thinking that created/contributed to the problems themselves. 


 Let's collaborate:
8 pm Tuesday Eves; click here for zoom link 

email me for any other requests at:
or mail: POB 821, Putney, VT 05346


Please do NOT donate to my 'campaign',  I will not accept nor request money, for this is a life passion and a life purpose.  I am not going to be beholden or compromised to any funding source.  
This is why I run locally, I can reach you, and offer you quality leadership worthy of you.  
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My past includes environmental activism, and candidacies: As an entrepreneur, as a composer, as a community protector, and as a single and solo mom. I am educated but non-degree'd. I particularly enjoy the study of law, of natural health, of housing as natural extension of self within nature, of monetary history and policy and ofmetaphysics. I am a student of Neville Goddard's interpretation of Christianity. I pray, meditate and envision.   I live in Putney with numbers of animals and 2 family members. My father is a classical composer and now economically supports me and inspires me. I am not a trust fund baby, rather he directly gifts me a modest and secure amount to do this work because we share a love of Nature. I am not a pedophile, or a greedy person, I do not like the lime light but want results.

Results matter.

We all need better results than the political class or the elites have rendered thus far.

ORPH= the organic, regenerative, permanent, humane food supply 
and MORPH= monetarily organizing renewable prosperity humanely 

Agenda for Living Earth:
We, the People, bringing common sense forward.

Food Sovereignty
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