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I Will Include You.

 I will organize Neighborhood Councils and People's Assemblies for your voice to

decide how we will solve our critical problems. Your Voice Matters. Your power is the only power that matters, I am here to help you organize it.

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To be risk adverse is an important function of the Governor, protect Vermonters above all else.

Following the bidding of the financially powerful elite also put the health and well-being of Vermonters at great risk.

Emily begins and ends with the question: Is it good for all?


Up to present, Vermonters do an awesome job of overcoming poor policies and entrenched unworkable governmental systems.

But now, in 2020 we have to overcome misinformation,

malicious intention

and threats to our way of life.

During the Covid Pandemic Vermonters have done a superb job of following orders, which came suddenly. Now is the time to assess the reality that spawned them very very carefully.

It's as if Government yelled "FIRE!"

and everyone ran out of the building. But now, now that the fire is out, and we return to the building, we find jobs gone! Businesses gone!

Now we look back and see the big box stores making billions and the small businesses taking out loans.


We see WHO and Fauci say masks should not be worn by the healthy, and the CDC saying they should!

We see Bill Gates getting ready to inject everyone with a vaccination potentially capable of tracking our movements using 5G, which is being erected by ATT as I write, even though FTTP, fiber to the premises is safe for humans, and more reliable. Shouldn't Vermont be more risk adverse than to roll out an untested technology?


We see provocateurs among peaceful protesters and mysterious pallets of bricks available for riots.

We see doctors and immunologists speaking about their concerns about the official protocol and their successes with hydroxychloroquine censored, removing important information from public awareness.

Now is the time to take a long hard discerning look at what we were ordered to do, and who benefited, and what do we need to understand about corporate motives to make certain that we are free people, keeping our way of life, and safe from malicious activity.



Together, with information and truth, we will make

Vermont Safer and take much greater care to be certain Vermonters are safe from dangerous corporations, dangerous climate issues, dangerous economic and addiction issues, dangerous judicial and policing issues and dangerous diseases.


Freedom, truth, health and well-being, fulfilled by our strength and unity. Sustained by our faith in the penultimate power of divine love.

                                                               Awaken to liberty.

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